Three Spirit is zero-alcohol spirit distilled with 11 plant-based ingredients that interact with your nervous system to mimic the heady effects alcohol has on the body. These include yerba mate, cacao, lion’s mane, damiana and more. The intoxicating properties of these natural ingredients are not entirely unknown, especially with in the realm of plant medicine, which the brand carefully researched to create the recipe. What you get when you drink Three Spirit is a mild high that you can enjoy sans hangover.

This curious elixir is the flagship product of Beyond Alcohol, a company that comprises experts across the cocktail, bartending and phytochemist spheres. A lot of thought and effort was placed in creating the right balance of flavours for Three Spirit, with the final result tasting like a combination of amaro, Coca-Cola, Dom Benedictine and bitter liqueur. If that isn’t enough to give you an idea of the balance between bitter and saccharine that this spirit touts, then the tasting profile should — on the nose, one gets whiffs of stewed fruit, spice and banana. Sip it on the rocks or with soda and enjoy as hints of chocolate and coffee come through. You can also use it to make certain non-alcoholic cocktails, like an espresso martini, sours and spritzes.

Three Spirit


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