The DaVinci is a great portable vaporizer for both dry herb and essential oils. Its temperature-controlled option makes vaporizing dry herbs a walk in the park.

The temperature control is what truly sets the DaVinci apart from other portable vaporizers. It provides for a manageable vaporizing experience that allows the user to achieve specific desired effects. The vapor quality is truly impressive when you set the DaVinci to the right temperatures.

The DaVinci is about 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide, and comes in a smooth matte black finish.

It is relatively small and could easily fit in a purse or a jacket pocket. Because of its rubberized plastic body, you do not have to worry about throwing it into your bag and getting scratched up or breaking. We really like how much herb you can load into the chamber; it is perfect for when you want to load it up and take it on the go.

The DaVinci Vape


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