Auto Mazar® is a high performance autoflower, she is robust and easy to grow. She is also a reliable producer of great quality cannabis whether grown in soil, coco fibre or a hydro system. Auto Mazar® delivers a genuinely strong and long lasting high. This is one of the most consistent autoflowers ever created and remains Dutch Passion’s best selling autoflower for all the right reasons.

Original Mazar is a legendary prize-winning variety which needs no introduction; we crossed this with an indica-dominant auto to create Auto Mazar®. The plants typically reach 70-80cm, they grow strongly and yield extremely well. New growers often crop 50g+ of sticky potent bud per plant. Experienced growers routinely crop 100-200g+ per plant especially in hydro systems. The best result so far is 900g.


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 On 28-08-2017 at 05:48u Massgrass wrote:
Auto Mazar were the first beans I ever bought. Looked like a good beginner strain for my organic super soil / cob setup. Easy germ/sprout. Couple days each. They (2) weathered a transplant, adverse climate, light stress, and stunted roots (my bad, learned from it.) This resulted in multiple deficiencies, chlorosis, and a month of suspended animation mid- flower. They held on tight, and responded well to intervention, (Roots Organics), with new green growth and an awesome explosion of pistils. Pencilled them in for another month to make up for lost time. Flowers finally fattened, pistils (fluffy, most ever!) took on a rich deep orange-red, trichomes transitioned. Day 120(!). CHOP. First plants of any kind for me! Formidable challenges. Beginners mistakes. Learning curve. RESULTS / YEILD: 2 VERY forgiving plants, cleaned up and cured. Burnin' smooth, makin' friends. 

 On 23-08-2017 at 15:26u Allan wrote:
I am 9 weeks into my auto mazaar grow. I germinated the seed no problem. It popped in 2 days. I cut the bottom off a large pot and put it directly in the ground. Filled the pot with good soil and pearlite. The plant has stopped growing at 16" and is flowering. It looks very healthy. No yellow leaves. But at least 3 weeks to go. I am in North West Europe. Wet windy climate. I probably won't get anywhere near 50g. I'd love some advice on bulking her up. I've fed her small amounts of veg nutes and have recently moved to flowering tomato nutes. 

Dutch Passion Auto Mazar