Sugar Black Rose Regular (DS37)Two years ago, after receiving a multitude of requests from Delicious followers, we became involved in the search for a regular male with similar characteristics to our Critical Mass mother.The moment we found one - thanks to the collaboration of M. R. for his Critical Ché - we set about the task of creating a regular version of one of our best and most cup winning strains.For the most demanding palates, Sugar Black Rose is without doubt one of the tastiest indicas we've ever laid our hands on. It is the result of crossing our Critical Ché clone with our highly valued 1998 Black Domina mother, which is the perfect example of the "Domina" phenotype and the most appreciated by lovers of this strain.Indoors, this tends to be a short, compact plant though, given sufficient room, she can spread out quite well, forming abundant lateral branches. Outdoors, either in large pots or in the ground, she can get very tall and, above all, develop very long secondary branches, making this a wide, round plant. This means that she's very discreet but very productive.The buds have a sweet, fruity fragrance that evokes oranges or other citrus fruits. It tastes like ripe grapes and flowers with a fascinating skunky twist. When we exale, we've noticed that the taste is sweet and spicy at the same time.The effect is instantaneous and very long-lasting. Almost narcotic, it leaves you in a very deeply relaxed state. Highly valued for medicinal use and by indica lovers in general as it also provides good mental stimulation.

Flowering Time-50-55 days
Genetics-Indica Dominant 

Delicious Seeds Sugar Black Rose