OG Kush is popular strain throughout the world for it's strong effects as a THC plant, but it changes dramatically as a CBD enriched version, CBD OG Kush. Still with the effects of THC, but with a freshness and clarity that is quite high for the normal Kush line. Good yielding plant that does not stretch too much. So is ideal for indoor growers with restrictions regarding space. An easy plant to grow and a beautiful addition to the grow room.

Genetics (indica / sativa):75/25

Flowering Time (weeks):8-9

Yield (gr / m2 / 600W):500-600 grams

Pack Size:5 seeds


THC % (average):6-8

CBD % (average):8-10Ratio

THC:CBD1:2 to1:5

Aroma:Floral earthy fruity aromas

CBD Crew-CBD OG Kush